The ski center Skipark

The resort Skipark Ružomberok is 12 km far away from Bešeňová. It is spreaded on hillsides of Veľká Fatra above the town Ružomberok. It is from 545 to 1209 metres above sea level and around 2 km far away from the town centre. Hrabovo is the entrance gateway to the ski resort and there is also the cable-car ride up to Malinô Brdo.


Thermalpark Bešeňová

The thermal swimming pool Bešeňová become the world famous village thanks to its thermal swimming pool. The water has the beneficial effects on the organism. It treats the motion apparatus and urinary organs above all but also the respiratory system mostly in the autumn, in the winter and in the summer. It has the favorable cosmetic effects, too. The people can simply melt away stressin a thermal bath. The distance from the hotel is only 50m.


The water reservoir Liptovská Mara

It is one of the largest water reservoir in Slovakia. The distance from the hotel is approximately 10 km. It offers the versatile spectrum of the water sports such as bathing, boating, yachting, windsurfing or fishing. In the recreation area Liptovský Trnovec where is the grassy beach, is the rental of sporting goods, the windsurfing school, the volleyball playground and minigolf.


Aquapark Tatralandia

The distance from the hotel is approximately 15 km. Aquapark is also the all year-around operation thanks to thermal water. It provides a lot of attractions that are also in the all year-around operation. There are six swimming pools and six roller coasters, which have their own the Slovak and the Czech republic`s attributes. "Anakonda" is the longest roller coaster and "Kamikadze" is the steepest one so you surely will look forward to try it. Two of them "Volcano" and "No limits" are all year-around roller coasters.


The ski center Donovaly

It is one of the most significant ski resorts in Slovakia. Ski terrains provide excellent conditons for skiing, slopes for all categories of skiers from beginners to skiers on the adrenaline slopes. One 3-seat chairlift to Nová Hoľa, 1360 metres above sea level, 1325 metres long and with the capacity 1305 lifting people per an hour is the dominant of this resort. There is also 14 ski lifts with the capacity of 10,050 lifting people per an hour for enthusiasts of the winter sport. The resort is approximately 30 km far away from from Bešeňová.


Vlkolinec UNESCO

Vlkolínec is a village of 55 houses, 18 of those inhabited by 29 permanent residents. In 1993 Vlkolínec was put on the list of world’s cultural heritage of UNESCO as a unique land-habitat-architecture complex.


Jasná - the Low Tatras

The most beautiful ski center offers the longest slopes in Slovakia. There are 28 km of downhill ski slopes ( 9 km of slopes covered by artifficial snow), 5 chairlifts, 1 cable-car and 11 ski lifts. The total lifting capacity is 15 200 people per an hour. Expert skiers prefer steep slopes of Derešov, Ďumbier and Chopok in Jasná where enthusiasts of ski-climbing and snowboarding can present their courage. There is also the possibility of trying the winter paragliding! Only 30 km far away from the hotel.


Kvačianska Dolina (Kvačianska's valley)

Kvačianska dolina is the name of the lovely gulley hidden in the range of Chočské vrchy and it lies at the border of two regions: Liptov and Orava. In its heart is the fold Oblazy surrounded by the rolling water, steep mountains and deep forests in which bears, wolfs and lynxes are ruling over. Wooden water-mills and saw-mill are standing here as in the fairy tale - they are monuments of the early 19th century folk architecture.